THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 - Watch the Full Comic-Con Panel

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The Comic-Con panel for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was one of the more entertaining ones! Spider-Man himself came out on stage with several other members of the cast, and he was pretty starstruck when he met Jamie Foxx. Andrew Garfield conveniently showed up after Spider-Man left. They all talked a little bit about the film which you can watch below, and they showed off the incredible first footage from the film! That's not included in the video as attendees aren't supposed to record the footage, but here's a description!

Spider-Man: "You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything. Everyone has a part of themselves they hide. Even from the people they love the most."

Electro: "Soon everyone will know how it feels to live in my world... a world without Spider-Man. I'm Electro!"

The footage starts off with a truck plowing down a city street, cops in pursuit. Spider-Man is on the chase, jumping from one cop car to another, eventually landing on the hood of the truck being driven by Paul Giamatti. Spider-Man enters the truck. We cut to a scene featuring Peter arguing with Aunt May about doing laundry with the red and blue colors leaking on other clothes to which Peter says, "I was washing the flag!" It then cuts back to the truck were we see Spider-Man taking on a pre-rhinofied Giamatti. He swings in and saves Max from the truck. Max is destined to be Electro. Spider-Man assures Max that he's not a nobody. As Max watches in awe, Spider-Man holds Giamatti down in some kind of awkward web-slinging trap. You can tell that Max wishes he was Spider-Man. We cut to Gwen saying that she loves Peter Parker more than Spider-Man. Then we see Max climbing up some kind of wall with a lot of computerized tech to fix something that broke. He is electrocuted and then falls into a tank full of electric eels, and at that point the tank bursts. Next time we see his face, it's glowing under a hood, and there's a voiceover of someone that might by Harry Osborn saying, "You will never be invisible again." Max says he wants people to feel what it feels like to live in his world. A world without power. We then get a great epic shot of Electro flying above the city blowing shit up and zapping people with electrified bolts from his hands. All the lights in Times Square New York go out and everything explodes. The last thing we see from the footage is a cool shot of Spider-Man catching a cop car flying through the air just before it lands on someone.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out on May 2nd, 2014. Now watch the panel! 

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