ASSASSINS CREED IV: Black Flag - The Pirate's Life For Me


While the Assassin's Creed franchise has been criticized (and rightfully so) for pumping out too many annual installments, I can't help but get excited after watching the new 13 minute trailer for their latest entry, Black Flag. Sure, it's a lot of the same things we've been doing for 7 years now. Lots of sneaking up on people in bushes, getting all stabby stabby in midair, finding viewpoints all across the map, etc, etc. There is a certain thing to be said however for refinement, and that is exactly what Ubisoft has done with AC IV. Little things like making newly discovered viewpoints also act as points of fast travel, or enhancing the ship combat to be much more visceral and interactive, while also making the transition from land to sea as smooth as can be. The combat gets even more hectic and fun with Edward Kenway's numerous pistols, and I love how they incorporated ship upgrades into the blueprints you find with treasure maps. The only thing the trailer doesn't really go into much is Kenway himself, but here's hoping he's a little easier to get into than Connor was (though he did grow on me as time went on).

I can certainly understand how someone could get fatigued, and when Black Flag was announced I actually felt the same way. Now all I want to do is get on my ship and customize the snot out of it. I do wish you could name it though. While the JackDaw has a nice ring to it, for some reason I can't help but want to name my ship The Great Chicken Nugget of the Sea!

Don't make fun of me, I know where you live.


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