Edgar Wright Says Hank Pym Will Be in ANT-MAN

Joss Whedon recently talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron, and said that one of the main characters from the comic book storyline Hank Pym, would not be in the film. He basically took Ultron and built an original story around it that fits into the Marvel universe.  But that doesn't mean Pym won't show up in the cinematic universe! Ant-Man writer and director Edgar Wright told io9 that he will actually be in Ant-Man. This is what the site says,

"Just now, we were interviewing Edgar Wright about his new film The World's End, and he told us that we will, indeed, meet Hank Pym in Wright's Ant-Man movie."
There's no word on how big of a role the character will have in the film. Pym was the original Ant-Man, but Wright previously described his Ant-Man as a "badass secret agent," which lead many to believe the main Ant-Man character in Wright's film will be Scott Lang.

It's hard to speculate how they will handle the character because the Marvel cinematic universe has taken a detour from the comics. Only time will tell what is in store.


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