Mary Jane Spider-Man Art and Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

This Mary Jane art and statue is the first from the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection for Sideshow Collectibles. When talking about this design, the artist said,

"With Mary Jane, I wanted to capture a sense of the magic that resonated with the fans from the cover I created for The Amazing Spider-Man #601 (below left), where MJ is simply sitting in her apartment with Peter yet again leaving her when ‘great responsibility’ calls. However, I didn’t want to be repetitive either. I think this design was successful in that sense. You get the presence of Spidey in the piece through the use of MJ wrapping herself in Peter’s Spider-Man jersey, symbolizing Peter wrapping his protective arms around her, or perhaps, her wishing it was Peter’s arms making her feel safe."
The first time I saw this statue was at Comic-Con, and I think it's great! I've included a tease of the other two statue designs at the bottom of the post. 


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