Early Guillermo del Toro Horror Short - GEOMETRIA

With Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim coming out later this week, I thought it would be cool to share one of of the director's early short films, Geometria. It's a fantasy horror comedy that he made back in 1987. The story basically follows a boy who is tired of failing geometry, so he summons a demon to help him out.

The movie is loosely based a short story by Fredric Brown called "Naturally," which was originally published in Beyond Fantasy Fiction and later reprinted in the short story collection Honeymoon in Hell. This is actually the tenth short film that Del Toro directed.  The director is a fanboy who had to work his ass off to get to where he is now. He just kept at it, making fun short films, and never gave up. Now the guy is making awesome movies!

I've included the original version which has English subtitles and a shorter director's cut version that was included with The Criterion Collection's release of Cronos.

You can find a more detailed description of the short film below the videos.

A Mexican widow (Guadalupe del Toro) receives a letter from the high school attended by her son (Fernando Garcia Marin). It informs her that the boy is about to fail his geometry exams for the third time. The woman berates her son, then turns on the television, refusing to speak to him. The boy leaves the room, vowing that he will never fail geometry again.
The boy resorts to using black magic in order to pass the exam. In a dark room, he reads from a tome of sorcery, which states, "As a protection for the invocation of a major demon, place yourself inside a pentagon drawn with your own blood. This pentagon will be your only protection." The boy proceeds to follow these instructions.
While the woman sits in the living room, watching a pastiche of The Exorcist, she hears her son screaming from the next room. When she enters, she finds him standing in the middle of the bloody seal. He shouts a warning, telling her that the pentagon is his only protection. A glowing portal opens in the wall, and a demon (Rodrigo Mora) steps through. The boy asks the demon to grant two wishes. The first is that he will not fail geometry again. The second is the return of his father, Francisco, who died in an accident three months ago. The demon complies with the latter, causing Francisco to materialise immediately. However, he is now a mindless zombie. Francisco kills and eats his wife, while their son looks on in horror, unable to step out of the pentagon for fear of losing its magical protection.
The demon commands the boy to surrender, but he refuses to give in, saying that he cannot be harmed while he stands within the pentagon. The demon reasons that he has already granted one of the boy's two wishes: his family is together again. He also points out that what the boy has drawn is not a pentagon, but a hexagon, which offers no magical protection whatsoever. The demon muses that the boy's other wish has also been granted: he will never fail geometry again. Francisco approaches his son from behind and takes hold of his head, tilting it backwards. The boy laments the unfairness of his situation. The demon agrees, and reaches out a hand to take hold of his throat. The screen fades to black as ripping sounds are heard.
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