Great Evil Dead-Influenced Horror Short - LAUNDRY NIGHT

I've got another great new short film for you to check out. This is a horror short called Laundry Night, and as you'll see it was kind of influenced by director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. The movie was directed by Peter Bradley of Trilobite Pictures, and I though it was very entertaining. 

A routine trip down to the basement, a frightening place we all know well. The all too familiar feeling of being watched, and the things that can happen when we’re alone. These are all elements of our newest short film, Laundry Night. It is a simple story inspired by an Alfred Hitchcock quote: “If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.” There is a real misconception that making something natural for the screen is easy. It’s not. And in this case, cinematic naturalism is made all the more difficult by the removal of dialogue. In a way though, this challenge is what makes Laundry Night all the more fun and scary. After all, what’s more frightening than the eerily familiar?

For those of you who don't like doing your laundry alone in a creepy basement, this movie isn't going to help the situation. I simply don't like doing my laundry. I hope you like this one!

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