Insanely Cool Short Sci-Fi Short Film - BIOMORPH

This "Biomorph" film may be extremely short, but it's insanely awesome! The film was directed by Henrik Bjerregard Clausen and a team of 12 students from the 3D College of Denmark. The short teaser serves as a marketing tool for the school, and shows what the student are capable of doing. Here's a note from the director on what inspired him:

"I've always felt inspired by the cinematic teasers produced for game titles such as Blizzard's StarCraft and World of Warcraft franchises. They combine stellar cinematography with a suspenseful introduction to the vast universe they play a part of - and all end on a high note enticing you to continue the experience within the game.
Being mindful of our constrains, I wrote a pitch largely focused on a static environment with attention to detail and atmosphere instead of animation - using the camera to unfold the story and setting, shot by shot, slowly building up anticipation of the final reveal..."

Enjoy the short!  


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