STREET FIGHTER: Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue


Look! It's Chun-Li doing Shawn Michaels' finishing move, the Sweet Chin Music! Ok, not really. But c'mon, look at that pose! Anyway, while we previously got a look at the original artwork by Shunya Yamashita, we now have the fully painted piece. I've been looking forward to the Street Fighter line, but sadly I'm not really feeling Chun-Li. I'm not sure whether it's the expression (which to be fair, most facial things tend to be much better once the final product is in hand), or the pose, but something is not clicking for me. While the pose might not be my thing on its own, if we get a Juri or an Ibuki statue that has them reacting to her kick, well then I'm sold. On its own though, the statue is just a bit lacking, which is disappointing since Chun-Li is my favorite character from the series. If the statue does float your boat however, then you can add her to your collection sometime in January of next year. 

Question time! Who do you want to see most from Koto's Street Fighter series?  

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