Cool Concept: Medieval X-Men

RantArt X-Men by Mick Joest

Found this cool bit of concept art on Nate Hallinan's blog of a medieval recreations of the X-Men. The project, titled The Order Of X, envisions the mutants as outcasts living under the grace of their Lord Xavier. While the concept alone sounds interesting enough to spin off a whole series, the best part about this artwork is the amount of care and detail that went into the retooling of each mutant's medieval form. Read this description behind the different-looking Colossus.

(Personal notes) I didn’t want Colossus to have the typical perfectly sculpted bodybuilder look he usually does. I wanted his form to come across as though he gained it from hard labor. The best reference were guys from strongman competitions. His name is after all is Colossus, so I not only wanted him to be mountainous in muscle but pretty thick as well. I also thought it would be cool to make more iron (not chrome) giving him a darker, rough, natural look.

Perhaps even better than that, however, is this LOTR-inspired dwarf-meets-Hobbit Wolverine I spotted in the concept art. 

This guy needs some Marvel backing...and perhaps a Kickstarter, as I am 100% on board with what he's doing. Go to his site here, and check out his art work for Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, and more!

If you want to own any of this cool art go to his store.

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