Disney, Why No STAR WARS Movie News At D23?!

Seriously though, is it so hard just to drop one nugget of info about Episode VII Disney?! All these casting rumors, for what?! For you to tell us there's a comic based on George Lucas's original vision of Star Wars  in development?! Were done with that clown (seriously though, I'm just mad, don't strike me down, George)!

Let's be real though...you guys purchased Lucasfilm close to a year ago and we've heard nothing save that you cancelled some pretty awesome games in development (well, 19 games and Star Wars 1313) in exchange for EA developing Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Honestly at ten months out I have to say you dropped the ball here at D23.

Some fans are more than overjoyed about literally no information coming out about the film, but personally, it makes me worried. Given the 2015 release date I'd have to say we are give or take about 9 months out from the first trailer if we are to remain on track for this film, and we don't even know who the cast is yet? I'm sorry let me rephrase that, we don't know the cast, have had no tease of the story, no poster, hell, there's not even a title save the one we saw when they announced the list of cancelled projects. 

I just read a recent Forbes article commending Disney for not divulging information saying "the film's not out for two years," what could you possibly want to know? Well a title would be nice, not to mention that was 80% OF THE REASON PEOPLE EVEN SHOWED UP TO THE LAME EXPO (19.5% Marvel .5% diehard Dog With A Blog Fans). It's kind of what geeks do when they show up to these cons, we get little snippets and obsess and make fan fictions and art for the two years leading up to the film so after seeing it we can scratch our heads and say "meh" and move on to the next thing! 

Seriously though Disney, I really hope we get some info on this film before the end of 2013, so you can at least prove that this billion dollar acquisition wasn't  just so Phineas and Ferb could "know what they are going to do today".


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