Fan-Made Flaming Matt Smith DOCTOR WHO Poster


I think I found my laptop wallpaper until the end of the year... or perhaps forever. I really thought this was a BBC poster when I initially saw it even though it's a bit darker than the ones they've done in the past. That being said, it's a damn good fan-made poster. One of the few complaints about this photo has been that the Doctor does not burst into flames, he sparkles. This I don't mind, as I'd love to see the Doctor go out like a Phoenix in this installment! The second complaint is if you zoom in really close to the hair it looks like there is a turtle on his head. It took me a while to notice, but I think it's just his hair or something. Anyway, incredible photo, hope there is an option to get a poster of this! For those wishing to see a larger image, click here

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