Rest in Peace Scarecrow, You Will Be Missed

by Bryan Hoover

 As I've mentioned in the past, I am a huge Batman fan. Whether it be movies, comics, or TV shows, I love the Bat in all forms of media. The whole reason I ever got involved with Batman is because of Saturday morning cartoons, most notably,  Batman: The Animated Series. I remember waking up to the orchestrated theme, watching the giant "WB" form into a blimp, and seeing Batman punch the blackened outline of two thugs who had just robbed a Gotham City bank. If that doesn't bring up the feeling of nostalgia, I'm not sure what will, folks.

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My personal opinion as to why Batman is the most interesting character in DC, or maybe the comics universe in general, is because of the villains. The villains are the reason for Batman's being; they are the reason he has a job to do. So for Batman: The Animated Series,  Andrea Romano (the casting director, and voice director for BTAS) had to find the perfect match for the voices of each of the Batman rogues. One of Batman's many foes is Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow. The Scarecrow is known for manipulating his victims with a powerful fear toxin, so he can literally scare his victim into following his every command. The voice behind the character in The Animated Series was none other than Henry Polic II. Mr. Polic took this character and redefined him, he actually made the scarecrow frightening with his portrayal having him speak with a deep and gritty British accent. If I could just speak with Mr. Polic, I would tell him that he made my childhood amazing, and I'd thank him for making one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe serious, and no longer a laughing stock of the rouge's gallery.

Unfortunately, I will never get that chance, because last Sunday night, August 11th, 2013, Henry Polic II passed after a long battle with cancer. To me, he was The Scarecrow, but others may know him as The Nottingham Sheriff in the 1975 show When Things Were Rotten. Polic was also Dracula in the 1976 show Monster Squad, as well as Uncle Jerry Silver in the hit '80s classic Webster. I must say, Henry Polic II was an amazing actor, he put forth emotion and determination to make himself stand out. I say it was one hell of a good job, sir. I mean this wholeheartedly when i say this, Mr. Polic, you will be missed!

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