The Greatest Avengers Game You'll Never Play

It was a FPS meets fighter with RPG elements that allowed for cooperative online play. In laymen's terms the originally planned Avengers game to follow the movie was to be the Skyrim of superhero games, except you could play with friends. The game was jam packed with Skrulls and had a unique story line separate to that of the film, and was jam packed with Skrull enemies that had absorbed the better half of the Marvel universe.

In addition to the full lineup of the movie cast, it was rumored that Vision and Nick Fury would be playable, and concept art showed that Ms. Marvel would become a Skrull possessed villain. How could it get any better from this point you ask? In addition to battling the Skrull super race it appeared as though the game also had an Ultron showdown in mind! So basically this was gearing up to be the best video game spin off a movie of all time when all of the sudden...

THQ severs ties with the company in development of the game and instead of this awesomeness we got the motion controlled Avengers: Battle For Earth which is "meh" at best. Perhaps maybe as the second Avengers film draws closer this project could be resurrected! One can dream right?

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