MASS EFFECT: Calligraphy N7 Style by Mycks Art Studio

Between the Citadel DLC, which is just a handful of buttered popcorn flavored fan service, and finally finishing my third playthrough, I seem to be on a bit of a Mass Effect kick lately. My gaming obsession did produce some nice results however, as I stumbled upon some truly cool watercolor style art featuring some of our favorite members of the Normandy crew, including Jack, Thane, Wrex, a few versions of Shepard, and many others. The art was created by Mycks Art Studio, which is a family affair with Mom handling the calligraphy, Big Sis taking on the painting, and Little Sis accepting the Graphic Design and Illustration responsibilities. That's pretty rad in itself, and before you scathe me for using rad, it was between that and tubular, so be thankful I went with rad.

Back to the point, the art itself is a series of watercolor styled portraits with the calligraphy representing something important to the character, hence Garrus is Trust, Shepard is Courage, Kaiden is Righteousness, etc. Love the concept and love the art, and if you agree, you can grab a print for yourself at their online store. Make sure to let them know if you dig their work, as that's the only way I will get a Kasumi to round out the collection.

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