Maybe Ben Affleck Will Be Awesome as Batman!

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I've seen a lot of fanboy rage over the weekend because Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the Man of Steal sequel. I was completely surprised when the announcement was made. He's not my first, last, or in-between choice of any actor to play Batman, but it's going to happen so let's get used to it.

Even though I'm not on board with the casting choice, I'm still excited for the Batman Vs. Superman film. I'm still going to see it, and you know what? When the first trailer comes out or first footage is screened from it at Comic-Con, you can bet your sweet ass that fans are going to go crazy for it, and they will love what they see. When you see Ben Affleck decked out as Batman standing face to face with Henry Cavill's Superman, you're going to wet yourselves. I probably will! I just think fans are going to love what they see.

It's hard to imagine at this point, but I predict with 100% confidence that there will come a time when the majority of people who complained about this casting choice are going to end up loving it.

Here's a fun video that one of our readers, Jason Inman, sent along that kind of goes along with what I'm saying, and it makes some solid points. 


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