Yale Stewart and The JL8

Yale Stewart is the mastermind behind the wildly successful JL8 web comic, which details the adventures of a young Justice League in which all of the members are literally 8 years old.

Image via JL8 Comic 

Image via JL8 Comic 

Stewart had the brilliant idea of taking serious, dramatic characters and bringing a lighter, comedic, child-like aspect  to them. Sometimes the team is in a classroom causing mayhem, other times Hal Jordan's father is asking him to do chores, some issues even detail the team just hanging out, cracking jokes and teasing each other,  but every strip brings something new to the table, something fresh, something hilarious, and sometimes... even a little heartbreak. My personal favorite image inspired by the JL8 comic was just recently released. The image shows a young Batman bouncing on his bed with a  robin bouncing along with him. As a Bat-fan, this photo warms my heart more than any other Batman photo out there, so thank you Mr. Stewart, thank you for making my favorite character smile again.

Image Via JL8 Comic 

In my mind, Yale Stewart is an absolute genius with this comic. I love it and read every issue weekly. If you'd like to check out the comic, you can visit his Facebook page or his tumblr page. Give the guy a shot, will you? He deserves to be recognized for his his supreme talent, dedication, and ingenuity. You do excellent work, Mr. Stewart, consider me a fan for life.

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