Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT Movie Starts Shooting in January!

Duncan Jones teased his upcoming World of Warcraft movie at Comic-Con this year with some amazingly epic test footage. It got the fans insanely excited for what is to come. I don't know if you will ever see that footage anytime soon, but you can read our description of it here if you haven't already.

Production Weekly is reporting that Legendary Pictures has set up production offices for the film and that it will start shooting on January 13th 2014! 

I don't play World of Warcraft. I haven't played in years because, well, I needed to live my life dammit! I would get sucked in way too far. I'm still super excited for this movie though. Jones is the perfect director to take this project on, and I'm confident he'll deliver an amazing fantasy action film!  

I really hope they release that test footage at some point because it was awesome! 


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