1970s Space Station Concept Art that Inspired ELYSIUM

There was a time in America when space exploration was a priority for the government, and NASA was looking for ways to take it to the next level. One of the things they actually looked into doing was creating massive space stations that were big enough to support suburban neighborhoods with houses, vehicles, and entire farms with livestock and everything you would need to survive. NASA brought in several artists to come up with concepts of what these space stations would look like, and they are pretty mind-blowing! They were so cool that it looks like director Neill Blomkamp may have used these designs as inspiration for his new sci-fi film, Elysium. Of course, these designs have inspired several sci-fi movies over the years.

I can't help but think how amazing it would have been had space stations like this actually been built. At this rate it will never happen because NASA almost doesn't exist anymore. It's looks like the '70s is the closest we ever got.  

Thanks to Gizmodo

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