Lucasfilm Talking to ABC about STAR WARS TV Series

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm, there was a great-sounding Star Wars: Underworld TV project in development. It was compared to The Godfather and Deadwood, but in space, and dealt with the Star Wars underground. I would have loved to see this series, but at this point I don't think it will happen as it would be an expensive show to produce, and it might be too dark for Disney's taste, but you never know. In a previous interview, former producer Rick McCallum  explained,

"The situation we have is that each episode – or if you put two hour long episodes together – is bigger than any film we’ve ever done.  It’s on the Avatar level and we’ll only have about $5-6 million we can spend on each episode."

It doesn't mean a live action series isn't going to happen though. IGN recently talked ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee, who said that they have finally started talking with Lucasfilm about making a series, and explained...

“I certainly have a glint in my eye. They have a lot on their plate when you look at the features that they’re planning on rolling out for the next few years, but we’ve started conversations with them.”

One day we'll see a live action Star Wars series. It's only a matter of time. I wonder if they are looking to connect it to the movies that are developing, or if it's going to be its own thing in the Star Wars universe. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, so I'm excited for whatever they do!

What would you like to see in a Star Wars TV series? 

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