Bryan Singer's Interesting X-MEN Revelations

Director Bryan Singer recently took a break from shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past to do a Q&A session at The Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. Thanks to JoBlo, we have a few details on some of the things he talked about, which included some information on X-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as some other not so pleasant experiences he had working on the previous X-Men movies.

- X-Men DOFP: Shot in native 3D.
- X-Men DOFP: No Scarlet Witch.
- X-Men DOFP: William Stryker will be in the film with Josh Helman playing the role.
- X-Men DOFP: Not the brightest X-Men movie, but it has a good message, trying to right wrongs. 
- X-Men DOFP: Most of the movie takes place in 1973. Future segments are 10 years after X3.
- X-Men DOFP: You find the characters in very different places that you saw them in First Class. Shows them becoming who they have to be.

And these are some of the things he talked about regarding the other X-Men films he worked on. 

- Remembers Russell Crowe saying he'd play Wolverine - but only if he could play him bald. Didn't work.
- Thoughts on Cyclops demise in X3: Wishes he could bring him back. Wasn't happy with that choice. Could justify bringing Xavier back because he transferred his consciousness and could possibly construct a body around that consciousness. Was, however, happy about some things- like the casting of Ellen Page.
- On any Marvel movies he'd like to make: "IRON MAN so I could finally buy that house I always wanted or a plane." Seriously though, has an idea for a Marvel Universe mashup he didn't want to reveal.
- Once had a bad editing experience because he wasn't working with John Ottman. Wouldn't reveal the film (but it seems the first X-MEN was the only one Ottman didn't edit) but had such a big fight with the editor, that he smashed a bottle on the wall and was locked out of the editing room for three days. 
- Are superhero movies a trend or here to stay? Believes they are our modern day mythology- our generation's King Arthur. Lots of fun to reinvent and Will be around for a long time. 

To read more about Singer's thoughts on Man of Steel, Star Trek, Trick 'r Treat, Jack the Giant Slayer, and more, click here. I'm just happy we didn't see Russell Crowe as a bald Wolverine. That would have been just as stupid as something like sewing Deadpool's mouth shut. 

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