"Now do you believe in magic?" 

Absolutely love that line, which Zatanna says while controlling poor old Grundy (who happens to be the opposition in many of these character trailers. Feel a little bad for the guy. Well, I would if he weren't a crazy big grey monster guy who hurts people.) against his will. It's one of the many things Zatanna can do, and overall the character looks like she would be a blast for players looking for long combo strings. The slow-fireball-then-teleport-behind-you combo seen in the trailer looks fantastic for the person employing it, but will probably lead to many thrown controllers for those it's being done to. The character has two stances, one with wand and one without. You can download Zatanna for the typical add on fighter price of $4.99 starting on August 13th. 

Aside from the Scorpion season pass debacle, I've been pleased with the character selection for Injustice, and it's looking like fans might actually get both Zatanna and Power Girl in the same game, if the rumors are true that is. Take a closer look at Zatanna in her debut trailer below and let us know what you think.

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