Leonardo DiCaprio Attached to KING HARALD Viking Film

I don't care what anyone says, Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor. I'm shocked the guy hasn't won an Oscar yet, but his day will come. Who knows? maybe his best actor win lies in this new film project he is attached to.  

Warner Bros. has just acquired a pitch for a film called King Harald, which is being written by a guy you've probably never heard of before. His name is Mark L. Smith and he's written films like Vacancy, Vacancy 2, and The Hole. He also scripted another film for DiCaprio's production company called Endurance, which is about "Polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, who led an expedition of 28 to the South Pole in 1914. When ice crushed the ship, Shackleton found a way to lead the entire crew back to safety despite the lethal cold."

This next film project sounds a lot more ambitious than anything else he's done before as it's based on Harald Hardrada, the 11th Century conqueror who has been called the last great Viking king.  "King Harald was King of Norway for two decades, but his quest for power and thirst for battle led to his being exiled for a time to Russia and then returning in triumph."

DiCaprio is attached to produce the film, which is being envisioned is a Braveheart-style story, but it's also being built as a starring vehicle for him. At one point he was going to star in a Viking film being developed by Mel Gibson, but that all fell apart after Gibson's craziness went public. 

I love history, and this could end up being a great film, and another opportunity for DiCaprio to try to get that Oscar. 

Via: Deadline

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