Impressive GAME OF THRONES Balloon Sculpture

Check out this crazy impressive Game of Thrones inspired balloon sculpture called "Hand of the King." It was created by Phileas Flash's Balloons who included the following note with the photos...

"Have you ever seen the Iron Throne? The barbs along the back, the ribbons of twisted steel, the jagged ends of swords and knives all tangled up and melted? It is not a comfortable seat ser. Aerys cut himself so often men took to calling him King Scab, and Maegor the Cruel was murdered in that chair. By that chair, to hear some tell it. It is not a seat where a man can rest as ease." Stannis Baratheon (A song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin)
I had a vision a few weeks ago to make the Iron throne from Game of Thrones out of balloons. The most iconic image of that chair is of Ned Stark (the Hand of the King, played by Sean Bean), so here is my tribute to that amazing image.

It's amazing what talented people can do with balloons!

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