Pixar's INSIDE OUT is Going to be Hilarious! D23 Footage Description and Art

One of the most entertaining things I saw at the Disney's D23 Animation Panel was one of Pixar's new films, Inside Out. Director Pete Doctor (Up, Monsters Inc.) came out to talk about the film, which centers on a little girl and her emotions. The emotions are the main characters of the film, and the little girl's head is the setting. Above, you'll find an image giving you your first look at the emotions which consist of Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, and Anger. The voice cast includes Amy Poehler as the voice of Joy, 
Lewis Black as the voice of Anger, Mindy Kaling as the voice of Disgust, Phyllis Smith as the voice of Sadness, and Bill Hader as the voice of Fear.

Inside Out takes you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind. Riley, an 11-year-old girl who recently moved with her family to San Francisco, is not the main character but the setting for the film. Moviegoers will go inside her mind to explore how memories are formed and how a mixture of five emotions—Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness—defines life experiences. 

They showed a few animated character tests, which look very different from any of the other character designs that Pixar has done. Mostly because they don't have flesh, they are made of out particles, so there's a lot of insanely cool detail. 

A short clip from the film was also screened which features the main emotion Joy inside the mind of a toddler aged Riley. We are looking at a POV view from Riley and she spells out and 'R' with french fries on her plate of food and excitedly cries out "R for Riley!" Joy claps gleefully and pulls a lever, and a yellow orb comes rolling out, and stores short term memories. Those memories are stored in headquarters where they can be viewed at any time by any of the emotions. It's basically like watching a movie for them. 

The last thing we saw was a fantastically funny sequence from the film. There was no animation completed for this scene. It was just storyboard art, but the script and dialogue was awesome! It had everyone in the arena busting up with laughter. It shows you just how inventive this movie is going to be.

The scene involved Riley and her parents eating dinner, and it showed the emotions in action. Joy is in another part of the brain looking for Sadness. The other emotions' attempts to operate without them cause an argument between Riley and her mom. Riley's mom asks how school was, and it obviously wasn't a very good first day because Anger jumps right in to take over the console in the “headquarters” setting in Riley's head. This leads Riley to show a little attitude toward her mom. What was great about this is that as soon as the attitude comes out, the scene jumps to what is going on with the emotions in her mom's head, and they all notice the attitude saying “What did she say to us?!” From there they start to counter attack, and guide what the mom needs to do next in the situation. 

In the meantime, the Dad's just sitting there eating. At one point the mom's emotions guide her to shoot the dad a look to do or say something. When the mom shoots him a look for that help we cut inside to his emotions showing that his mind is watching a hockey game, and his emotions are cheering on the game. It then cuts back into the mom's head showing that she's pissed off at him for not paying attention. His emotions finally realize he's being watched, they make the connection that she needs some backup with the kid, so they all run to their battle stations, and take control of the situation.

Riley continues to throw out attitude. The dad's head escalates to "Defcon 2" mode, which is a precursor to "bringing the foot down." He's finally pushed to his limits, and they scramble like they are about to launch a nuclear missile. There are two keys that they turn simultaneously, and a button pressed, which bring down the foot of punishment, and Riley is sent to her room, and she stomps out. 

I can't wait to see the finished product of this movie! From what I saw at D23, this could be one of the best and funniest movies that the animation studio has made. This is definitely worth looking forward to!  It was easily my favorite thing at the animation panel. 

The movie hits theaters on June 19th, 2015.


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