Trailer for Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey's Thriller OPEN WINDOW

The first trailer for has been released for the new thriller Open Windows. The movie was directed Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes), and stars Elijah Wood (LOTR) and Sasha Grey (The Girlfriend Experience). The film is an interesting concept that is told through various forms of technology. 12 different cameras were used to make the movie including webcams, head cameras, tablets, mobile phones, 3D mapping cameras as well as security and satellite cameras. The film style is definitely a gimmick, but it looks like Vigalondo pulled it off.

The plot centers on Wood’s character who is tracking down an actress, played by Grey, who was abducted by a vicious villain named Chord. The story unfolds on the screen of a laptop connected using the internet. The real-time feature was previously described as "90 minutes of suspense in a tense, fast-paced, high-tech thriller with action and terror, updating the key elements of 70s paranoid thrillers through today’s computer and online environment." Here's what the director had to say about it...

Just as in Brian De Palma’s Blow Out, the girl is captured. The hero will have to use every means at his disposal to discover where she is, and rescue her from the villain before its too late.

The action will be followed on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet – an approach that has excited us all from the outset. Something like this means going beyond high concept films like Paranormal ActivityCloverfield or Chronicle. Instead of simulating a home video camera, we will be representing a computer desktop. The movie screen becomes a computer screen, and the spectator becomes the protagonist of this adventure.

Open Windows is full of twists, but it’s essentially a 90-minute chase, a continuous climax with unrelenting tension… it is also a powerful viral tool, with a wide potential for different audiences.

The movie will be released sometime in 2014.