Full Trailer for the Live-Action Version of The TIGER MASK Anime

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

Here's the full trailer for the live-action adaptation of the 1960s anime and manga classic, Tiger Mask. The character was created by Ikki Kajiwara, and the story centers on a wrestling hero who fights evil to protect the children of an orphanage. 

The film stars Eiji Wentz (Brave Story) as the hero, Natsuna Watanabe (Gantz, Kimi ni Todoke) as the heroine, Ruriko and Show Aikawa (Zebraman) as Mister X. Here's a little more information on the film and its story, thanks to Anime News Network:

"Tiger Mask" is the alter ego of the character Naoto Date, a pro wrestler who goes against an evil wrestling organization and fights for children in an orphanage. In the new setup for the film, Date dons a special suit and "transforms" into Tiger Mask with enhanced mobility and muscle strength. His mask has also been redesigned with a nod to American comic action heroes such as Spider-Man and Batman.

As an origin story for children who have never read the manga, the film will devote about one-third of its screen time to Date's roots in the evil wrestling training organization Tora no Ana (before he turned his back on the organization). Wentz acknowledged that he himself had not read the original manga at first, and added that the film is creating a new Tiger Mask with a new Naoto Date.

The film is set to open in Japan in November 2013, and I'm sure it will eventually find its way here to the states. It looks like a fun movie to watch. 

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