Possible TRANSFORMERS 4 Titles

While we wait on the official title for Transformers 4 to be announced, we have a few different choices to choose from right now. The same brand protection company that registered TransformersDarkoftheMoon.com has registered four new domain names for Michael Bay's next Transformers movie.

The names include... Transformers: Last Stand, Transformers: Apocalypse, and Transformers: Future Cast, and Hasbro has also applied for a number of trademarks, one of which includes Transformers: Age of Extinction.  

Since the Dinobots are going to be included in this fourth movie, Age of Extinction seems like the best choice, but we'll just have to wait for the officially announcement. Now, Transformers 4 is the first of a supposed new trilogy of films, so there's a possibility that the studio is also locking down titles for the other movies.  

I will say that Future Cast makes the least sense to me as a movie title, Last Stand reminds me too much of X-Men 3, Apocalypse is as cliche as you can get, and Age of Extinction is kind of in line with Age of Ultron

What's your favorite title of the bunch, or what are your title suggestions? 

Via: Tformers, TFW2005

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