Epic STAR WARS Wookiee Cosplay!

This is one of the best and coolest Star Wars cosplay outfits I've ever seen. This Wookiee cosplay is the character Tarfful from The Revenge of the Sith, and it's jaw-droppingly awesome. The video comes from YouTuber plaigeous, who says,

This costume test was to see how an 8' 2" wookie costume would work in a practical way. Overcoming the difficulties of running, fighting, kneeling, rough terrain, etc. whilst wearing 15 inch stilts. Shooting on a Red MX camera it was also important to see how something this large would be framed in shot with other characters and how to light it correctly. 

It was made by me in my workshops in Ireland. It consists of an underskull with moving jaw which activates the sound system.

As you can see, it turned out to be pretty amazing. 

Via: Kotaku 


Photos by Kamil Krawczak 

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