STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Title Rumor Confirmed?

Last year when the Star Wars: Episode VII news broke, there was a ton of possible information that leaked out about the film. It was all rumorish stuff, but one of the things mentioned at the time was a potential title. That title is Star Wars: Episode VII - A New Dawn, and now it looks like more sources are confirming that this could be the actual title. To read up more on that info, click here. says that they have two sources confirming this information as accurate. At the same time they say to treat it as a rumor, but their source says,

"There will be many potential titles by now, but yes that is a title I have heard mentioned. So do with that what you will.”

A New Dawn may sound like a very bland title, but it makes sense. The source also goes on to talk about some of the other things we might see in the movie,

“… yes the falcon will make a big appearance, 1.1 scale size cross section is being constructed over at Pinewood, along with a power plant set and the famous cantina.”

You can bet there are going to be denials all over the place for information like this leaking out, but denials don't mean it's not true. Abrams denies everything, and most of the time the rumors he denies end up being true. 

What do you think of the potential title?

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