Trailer for Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti's Comedy ALL IS BRIGHT

Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti have teamed up for a fun-looking Christmas-themed dark comedy called All Is Bright. I enjoy both of these actors, and it looks like they will make a funny onscreen team! The movie comes from Junebug director Phil Morrison, and here's the synopsis:

ALL IS BRIGHT is the story of two French Canadians who travel to New York City during the holiday season with a get-rich-quick scheme of selling Christmas trees. Dennis (Paul Giamatti) is a no-nonsense, recently released ex-con trying to get his life – and his wife – back. Rene (Paul Rudd) is Dennis’s charming, shallow, former partner-in-crime who is now living with Dennis’s estranged wife. Feeling guilty and knowing Dennis needs a job, Rene reluctantly agrees to make Dennis a partner in the scheme. Though the two former friends struggle with each other and an eclectic array of tough New York customers, they discover much about themselves in the process.

The movie will be released on VOD on September 10th and will then hit theaters on October 4th.

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