3 Awesome Valentine's Day Episodes of TV

It is Valentine’s Day which means either you have a significant other for whom you are pulling out all the stops for a romantic day/evening/weekend, you are bitter because you don’t have a significant other to do those things with, or you don’t find anything special about the day and carry on your life like normal. No matter which category you fall into, there’s always some good television to be seen around this time of year. I want to highlight three episodes of TV shows that I love watching, even when it’s not February. Note, per my usual rule, there will only be one episode per franchise. Which are your favorites to watch for some Valentine’s Day fun?

Bob’s Burgers – “Bob, Actually”

There are a fair number of Bob’s Burgers episodes that I wanted to pick, but because of my one episode per franchise rule I had to settle for this one. The reason I chose “Bob, Actually” is simple. Regular-sized Rudy. He is one of my favorite characters in the whole show and he’s just too adorable in this one. Combine the cute storyline of Louise (which features Rudy) and the crazy storyline of Bob learning how to do hip-hop for Linda, and you’ve got two great parts of this episode. The other stories are OK, but not great. The episode is all worth it for that kiss at the end though.

Parks and Recreation – “Galentine’s Day”

This episode started a nationwide ritual known as Galentine’s Day the day before Valentine’s Day. The episode happens in the latter-half of season two which is when Parks and Recreation actually started to get good and focuses mostly on the Parks department preparing for the dance at the Senior Center, complete with Andy’s band Mouse Rat. Of course, Leslie also gets caught up in bringing her mother’s long-lost love to Pawnee for a formal introduction. This episode is also the one where April gets out of her throuple and finally comes to the conclusion that she likes Andy.

Community – “Early 21st Century Romanticism”

Community is a fantastic show that I recommend to just about everyone who loves some comedy. The Valentine’s episode from season two has some great moments. From Troy and Abed vying for the sexy librarian only to find out that she’s not what either wanted to Britta hanging out with a girl because Britta thinks the girl is a lesbian (she’s actually straight). This episode has a lot of laughs. The one caveat is the Pierce storyline. While it starts out not too bad, the episode does end on a bit of a sad note which leads into the next episode.

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