3 Chilling Teasers for AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 6

We’re still not exactly sure what the sixth season of American Horror Story will entail, but FX has released three grisly promo teasers that should spark some excitement in fans of the series. As expected, the teasers are absolutely bizarre.

One teaser features a farmhouse with smoke rising from the chimney that forms a bizarre question mark-like symbol. Over the visual we hear the sound of a chainsaw buzzing and a woman’s screams. The next clip shows some menacing looking knives and other uncomfortable looking objects dangling over what I assume is a baby crib and then a monstrous hand pops in a grabs the knife. The final promo shows a woman’s feet running down a metal staircase as hands come out trying to grab her.

I’m a big fan of this series, and I’m excited to see what this next season will entail. Check out the promos and let the speculation begin!

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