3 Shows I Discovered in 2018 That Were Great


2018 was a pretty good year. We had some amazing movies come out and some amazing shows. That being said, I am sometimes late to the party. I know it’s easy to miss out on some great shows and movies, and so I have compiled a list of three shows that I discovered in 2018 that were fantastic. These shows may not have come out in 2018, but I didn’t see them until 2018. These are in no particular order.

Making It

Americans finally got their own version of The Great British Baking Show this year. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had plenty of competition shows. However, they’re always full of trash people who were brought on to provide drama and tension. Making It doesn’t have that. The competitors are friendly and even help each other at times. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are amazing hosts as well. It’s great to see a competition show where it’s not cutthroat throughout.

We Bare Bears

If you are a parent and haven’t watched We Bare Bears yet, I can’t recommend it enough. You can find the first two seasons on Hulu, the third on Netflix, and if you have cable you can watch any episode via the Cartoon Network app. It’s about some awesome bears just living their lives and it’s fun enough that you won’t be driven mad by your kids constantly watching it. The characters and stories are well thought out and overall the show is a lot of fun. Plus, they recently aired a Power Rangers episode featuring Jason David Frank.

Gravity Falls

If you have not watched this show yet, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a Disney channel show that isn’t written for kids. It is certainly kid-friendly, but the stories and characters are just as interesting, if not more so, for adults. There’s an element of mystery, suspense, and goofiness that create an amazing show. If you have watched the show (it’s available on Hulu), you’ll want to check out the graphic novel that came out this summer called Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. It was written by creator Alex Hirsch and is the first official continuation of the show.

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