3D Model Created of H.G. Giger's Crazy Batmobile Concept Design


H.G. Giger is best known for the design work that he did for the Alien film franchise. He was hired to do design work on several films, and one of those movies was director Joel Schumacher‘s 1995 film Batman Forever. He was specifically hired to work on a design for the Batmobile, and as you might expect, it turned out pretty insane. It looks more like a Xenomorph mobile!

You can check out that original concept art below:

As you can see in the notes of the concept art, this design was inspired by a pair of scissors. I guess so Batman can cut his way through the streets when racing through them?

Well, designer Leon Gor has taken the original concept art from Giger and used it to create the following 3D model.


This thing looks so crazy! I can see why the studio didn’t want to use it, there’s nothing about it that says Batman. It’s just one hell of a weird car design.

According to Gor’s Linkedin page, he worked as a vehicle modeler for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and he “modeled an alternate unused H.R. Giger Batmobile design seen in the Batmobile Documentary on the Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-Ray.” You can watch the trailer for that doc below.

Via: /Film

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