40% of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Will Reportedly Be Reshot

Earlier this week we learned that Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was "in crisis" and that it was going back for reshoots. We then learned that the reshoots were happening to fix the tone, lighten the mood, and make the film feel more like a Star Wars movie. That recent report made it sound like things weren't that bad. Then today we have a new rumor that makes things sound even worse than initially reported.

According to Making Star Wars, who has a solid track record for breaking Star Wars news, 40% of the movie is reportedly being reshot and instead of four weeks of filming it could be up to eight weeks. They are also enlisting the help of Christopher McQurrie to make sure this next round of reshoots go smoothly. Here's is what they are hearing from crew member on the set:

  • Some crew initially heard J.J. Abrams was supervising the reshoots.
  • Gareth Edwards is doing the reshoots himself but with a partner, Christopher McQuarrie.
  • Christopher McQuarrie, the final writer on Rogue One, will be working extensively with Edwards on set to make sure they’re on the “same page” with the most recent draft of the film.
  • Christopher McQuarrie’s draft of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was considered superior to the film they shot previously.
  • It was not Edwards’ fault as McQuarrie’s draft wasn’t completed when much of the film was shot and revisions kept coming in that made the film feel uneven.
  • 32 sets have been recreated for the reshoot.
  • The crew expects they are reshooting 40% of the film.
  • They are working 6 days a week for 8 weeks.

Seriously, you would think people would have learned by now to have a fully completed script before they start shooting the damn film to avoid this kind of shit. It's amazing to me how many films starts shooting with little to no script! It's such a gamble to do that, and so much money is wasted. If this is true, which I believe it is, this is a completely absurd and could have been avoided if they actually had a solid script before they started shooting. 

This doesn't mean the movie is going to suck. They are just taking the necessary steps to ensure that the movie is going to be awesome and live up to the expectations of the fans. I'm just saying that all of this craziness could have been avoided. It definitely would have saved them a lot of time and money. In regard to that, the report says:

The vibe doesn’t seem bad. It seems like they’re making the movie right. When the movie began filming there was a lot of talk that the budget had been greatly reduced slightly before shooting meaning more CGI would be needed. Now it looks like the movie is going to cost what it was supposed to cost from the start. The quality of the film wasn’t bad, it just needs to be better and all involved are happy to make that happen.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is still set to be released as scheduled on December 16th, 2016. What do you make of all this?

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