5 Geeky Things, We Aren't at Cannes Edition

This week, all the cool kids are partying in France, while we're just here, at home, doing the same old same old. We're going to console ourselves by rewatching the Quicksilver sequence in Days of Future Past and buying some cool stuff.

Doctor Who Regeneration Shirt
Can anyone pick just one favorite doctor? We can’t, and now we don’t have to. Rock this shirt and show appreciation for the unique qualities all the various Doctors have brought to the role. [BBC]

Star Wars Finger Puppets
Finger puppets are a great way to keep a preschooler (or an adult) entertained in places where they can be annoying as hell. These Star Wars finger puppets are so much cooler than the barnyard animal ones we had as kids. [Etsy]

Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser
If we have to wait but think finger puppet plays would call too much attention to ourselves, we think this pocket game of “8 Queens” would keep us entertained quite nicely. [Think Geek]

Antidote Mug
In our cube-dwelling days, staff meetings bored us out of our minds. Maybe we could have kept our fake-interested face going by drinking “the antidote” from this mug and pretending everyone else was slowly succumbing to a zombie virus, then strategizing how to kill our way out of there. [Topatoco

Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost
Now that we’re grown-ups, we may enjoy an adult beverage or two with our tabletop gaming. These twenty-sided soapstones will chill drinks without ever watering them down. Plus, they look cool. [Think Geek]