5 Geeky Things We Want This Week

Daryl’s Poncho Infinity Scarf

None of us are as cool as Daryl Dixon, even with his current terrible haircut. We are not going to be able to pull off a poncho unless we go camping in Mexico. But we can pay tribute to the best character on The Walking Dead in a subtle way by rocking this infinity scarf inspired by his poncho. It’s something anyone would look good in. [Her Universe]

Spinning Solar System Pendant

This Norwegian goldsmith has more explicitly geeky offerings, like a sterling silver TARDIS necklace, and her Swirly Things collection looks like it would be popular in Lothlorien, but for our money, this spinning solar system pendant is the coolest, geekiest jewelry we’ve seen in a long time. Think of the hours you could spend spinning it waiting in line for Hall H. Unfortunately, only one is available until the artist recovers from wrist surgery, so you better jump on it fast. [Miriel Design, Etsy]

Justice League Onesies

I wish I knew someone with quintuplets so they could roll with the entire Justice League, but you could always just buy your favorite for one baby you know. It’s just not quite as cool. [ThinkGeek]

Halo Master Chief Wall Decal

Wall decals are all the rage on Etsy these days, but they tend to be cutesy flowering trees or inspirational quotes. This is not that. I would put it by the fridge, because I think I would be less likely to eat an entire quart of ice cream with Master Chief staring me down, but it would work anywhere you need a little terrifying encouragement. [VinylVanquish, Etsy]

World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car

We are all about going green, but full-size solar powered cars are a distant dream for most of us. A solar powered toy car, however, seems like the perfect distraction when you’re stuck out in the sun. Reviews for this are mixed, but at less than $2, it seems like it’s worth the risk for anyone who lives in a sunny climate. [Amazon]

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