5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, Back to School Edition

This is Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer. Or really, the unofficial official end of summer, because calendar-wise summer doesn’t end until the Autumnal Equinox, which is September 23 this year. However, Labor Day is when all fun, beachy activities cease, and we all head back to school. Or if we are adults, back to the grind. Which is why, even if you have been out of school for years, it’s a good time to do a little back to school shopping and pick up whatever supplies you may need. Or you can just buy this stuff for your kids, but that is less than no fun. That is negative fun.

Bravest Warriors Catbug Backpack
Bravest Warriors is an odd little show on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. It was created by the creator of Adventure Time, and good hell, Catbug is adorable. Part blue cat and part ladybug, this little hero has enhanced strength and can fly, as we all as travel between dimensions. So obviously, this adorable (adorable!) backpack is a must-have for any smallish girl who packs an outsized punch. [Entertainment Earth]


TARDIS 8 GB Memory Stick
Yeah, you could keep all your important research papers on a regular thumb drive, but this one is better. It’s bigger on the inside. [Entertainment Earth]

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Levi Notebook
Choosing the right notebook is an important step to asserting your identity. One time in college I sat next to an emo haircut who took notes in a Moleskine with a fine point sharpie. I nearly died of rolling my eyes. Provoke a friendlier response with this Attack on Titan notebook. [Entertainment Earth]

Nikola Tesla Lunch Bag
I know that you aren't supposed to use paper bags and plastic baggies for school lunches anymore. You have to have reusable lunch bags and tupperware, and don't even think of packing sweets or anything with nuts. Or a pudding cup, which was the single greatest thing that could ever show up in your lunch bag. Anyway, these paper sacks are hella cooler than even the coolest BPA-free plastic lunchbox. They may be a bit pricey, but just take them for the first week and earn zillions of cool points. [Etsy

Secret Message Pen Set
Remember when you'd pass a note to a friend and the excruciatingly dull Mr. Tanaka would intercept it and read it to the class, and everyone would laugh because you said Danny looked so cute today? That was the worst, and it will never happen with these pens. The ink can only be seen under an ultraviolet blacklight, which sounds pretty useless, except these pens are also blacklight flashlights. Brilliant. [Perpetual Kid]

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