5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, Batman's 75th Anniversary Edition

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the introduction of Batman in Detective Comics #27. The World's Greatest Detective still manages to thrill, even after all these years and is so beloved that Batfleck inspired jeers the world over. Here's some Batman stuff to mark the time.

Sodium Batman Tshirt
This periodic table-like design has 16 sodiums and one Batman. Since the symbol for sodium is Na, it says, “NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa, BATMAN!” That the mass of Batman is 19.39 is a nice nod to the year he was created. [Think Geek]

Batman Year One
Lieutenant James Gordon is new to Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is newly returned. Things are not good, but maybe they can make a difference. Based on the arc by Frank Miller, this animated movie is an interesting take on the origin of Batman’s relationship with his favorite cop. [Amazon]

Justice League Poster Set
Batman on his own is great. Batman with his super powered friends is even better. The Dark Knight won’t get lonely with this set of Justice League posters on your walls. [Etsy]

Sixth Scale Hot Toys 1960s Batman 
Adam West’s Caped-Crusader was the first superhero I ever saw, and his light-hearted, kind of campy take on the character is a refreshing palate cleanser for all the dark, gritty depictions of recent years. Also, this figure comes with a can of Shark repellant, and that is gold. [Sideshow Collectibles]

Batman Fabrikations Plush Figure
Get this for your kid. Maybe if he has his own Batman he’ll leave your Sixth Scale Hot Toys 1960s Batman alone. [Entertainment Earth]

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