5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, Comic-Con Survival Edition

Comic-Con is nearly upon us, and we’re making our final preparations. If you’re making the trip for the first time this year, the essentials are comfortable shoes, a good bag, water, and snacks (you don’t want to be stuck eating Hall H nachos). Also deodorant. Deodorant is mandatory, you guys. 

Time Lord Hoodie
I’m not sure if the new Hall H wristbands are going to increase or decrease the number of attendees camping out, but it gets chilly down by the water at night. Even if you’re sleeping comfortably on the floor of your over occupancy hotel room, the convention center is over air conditioned in the morning, although it will warm up as the days goes on. That’s why you want a zip up hoodie that’ll keep you warm but come off easily. We like this not too on the nose Doctor Who hoodie. [Entertainment Earth]

Loki’s Army Flask
If you were in Hall H last year, you were recruited for Loki’s Army. Show your devotion by carrying this flask around. (Note: GeekTyrant does not endorse the illicit consumption of adult beverages.) [Etsy]

If you are camping out, try this blanket with a built in table. You’re not going to actually sleep all night, so why not bring a portable surface for some tabletop gaming? [Think Geek]

Voldemort the Dark Lord Coloring Book
You are going to spend a lot of time waiting. Even once you get into the venue of your choice, there are long gaps between panels. Keep yourself entertained with this Voldemort coloring book. See if you can achieve the perfect slightly luminescent blue-white of the Dark Lord’s skin. [Etsy]

Blood Bag Energy Drink
Comic-Con is non-stop, so at some point your energy is going to lag when you still have lots of things you want to do. When you get the 4 o’clock laggies, boost up with this blood bag energy drink. Just watch out for anyone cosplaying as a vampire slayer. We don’t want any more stabbings. [Firebox]

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