5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, Heartbleed Edition

This week we are terrified that all of our personal information is comprised forever, so take your mind off things by buying cool stuff. Then change all your passwords.

Kate Beaton Wonder Woman Print
We think Kate Beaton is a genius, and her take on Wonder Woman is one of our favorites. It must be really hard being an Amazonian warrior princess in the modern world. Click Buy this Print! to buy this print. [Hark! A Vagrant]

Minecraft Diamond Ore
Some of us are still afraid of the dark, which is definitely nothing to be ashamed of at our age, ok? And while we aren’t embarrassed, we also maybe don’t want to have one of those plug-in night lights they put in babies’ rooms. So buy this one, and you only have to pretend to be obsessed with Minecraft, which is also definitely nothing to be ashamed of at our age. [ThinkGeek]

Marvel Retro Comic Wallet
We like to keep a little geek in everything we do, but it isn’t always appropriate to wear our Captain America costume. Let your geek flag fly in a subtle way with this wallet. Dark brown faux leather on the outside, retro comics printed on the inside. [Amazon]

Tetris Magnet Set
Without the anxiety producing timing issue, Tetris could actually be a soothing activity. See how many ways you can put this set of Tetris-inspired magnets together on your fridge. [Etsy]

Game of Thrones Coloring Book
This is just awesome. We can’t wait to bring this with us to the next midnight screening. Way more interesting than those three movie trivia slides the theater keeps shuffling through. [Etsy]

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