5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, The Modern Doctors Edition

Season 8 of the relaunched Doctor Who premieres tomorrow, and we cannot wait! Word is that Peter Capaldi is a darker and crazier iteration of the last Time Lord. Our writer Billy Fisher thinks he's going to be the "Darth Vader of the Doctors," which, we don't even know what that means, but it sounds amazing. But before we launch headlong into new adventures with a new Doctor, let's pause for a moment to honor the four men who have been the Doctor in the New Who era, and maybe buy some stuff to remember them by.

The Other Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver
John Hurt
was the War Doctor, the one who fought the Daleks for (Time) Lord knows how long before ending the Time Wars by completely wiping out both the Daleks and his own race. That is some heavy shit. But he did what he did in the name of peace and sanity, and he used this sonic screwdriver to do it. Or, he used The Moment, a sentient bomb(?), but he used the sonic to do other stuff, like run that program to break out of his unlocked jail cell. [Think Geek]

9th Doctor Typography Portrait
I don't know if it's because he only did one season or because of his weird feud with Steven Moffatt, but Chris Eccleston's 9th Doctor does not get the love he should, which is sad because he is the best of the relaunched Doctors (sit down, 10th fans). He started the whole thing off, fresh from the Time Wars and so angry, he's the one Rose Tyler first fell in love with (again, sit down, 10th fans), and his costume wasn't at all twee. So get this portrait made of his best quotes on a shirt or a tote or a mug. [Red Bubble]

Adipose Plush
David Tennant's 10th Doctor was the only one to battle these adorable little fat babies, and while they were a one-off "villain," they were really important in the larger scheme of things. They showed up on Earth because their normal breeding planet, Adipose 3, disappeared. It later turned out to be one of 27 planets that was moved to the Medusa Cascade by the New Dalek Empire. More importantly, it was the strange appearance of Miss Foster and her wonder drug that reunited the Doctor with the divine Donna Noble, his best companion ever. [Entertainment Earth]

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Necklace
The sonic screwdriver is not a magic wand or a weapon, it is a scientific instrument. But Matt Smith's 11th Doctor was quite fond of pointing it around like a magic wand or a weapon. Of course, he also successfully negotiated his escape by threatening a bunch of Daleks with a Jammie Dodger, so he was big on pretending things were scarier than they actually were. But his sonic screwdriver got him out of every scrape you could imagine, so this necklace should be a fair talisman to see you through your own troubles. [Think Geek]

The Doctors T Shirt
As we saw in "The Day of the Doctor," when the various iterations of the Doctor team up they are basically unstoppable, and I am sure Capaldi's 12th Doctor will be a welcome addition to the band (well, technically, he already was, but... anyway). This shirt casts the four post-Time Wars Doctors as the greatest rock band that ever was, and that seems pretty on point. [Red Bubble]

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