5 Geeky Things We Want This Week, The Sands of Tatooine Edition

Geeks aren’t really known as beach bums. In fact, we couldn’t even come up with a geeky beach scene to reference for the title (I guess there is the lakeside picnic in “The Impossible Astronaut,” but that doesn’t scream happy fun times). But beach season is upon us, which means sun and sand and water, and we’re all just going to have to deal. Here are some ways to show your devotion to all things geek, even in a bathing suit.

Star Trek Beach Towels
There are a lot of geek-themed beach towels out there, but these are big, and the bright, bold colors will make your spot easy to find, even after the current has dragged you a half-mile down the beach. [Perpetual Kid]

Wonder Woman One Piece
We love this saucy version of Wonder Woman's classic look. It provides good coverage without looking like a mom suit, and it will flatter most figures. [Pinup Girl Clothing]


Captain America Board Shorts
"When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all waves who choose to oppose his shield must yield!" Okay, that doesn't make any sense, but still, you'll look like a super soldier in these cool board shorts. [Superhero Stuff]

Superfight! Card Game
There's only so long you can spend in the water or lying on your towel, so at some point, you're going to want to play cards. In this game, you throw out people and powers and figure out who would win in a fight. The game is so great that it's sold out everywhere, but you can sign up to be notified when it is back in stock. [Think Geek]

Giant-Ass Superman Kite
If card games aren't your thing, check out this giant Superman kite. There is always a steady wind coming off the water, so there's no better place to fly the 7'2" hero. [Amazon]