5 Geeky Things We’re Buying Our Dads This Week

Father’s Day is on Sunday, and if you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift, here are our best suggestions.

Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

Let your dad relax after a long day like the badass he is. This hand-made crystal tumbler is exactly the same as the one Rick Deckard used in the classic sci-fi noir Blade Runner. [Firebox]

Tactical Barbecue Gift Pack

Dads all think they are masters of the grill. They rarely are, but that doesn’t stop them from spending an inordinate amount of time preparing to burn your burger. This S.W.A.T. style barbecue set matches his intensity for the grill. As a bonus, it includes a tool for that other timeless “Dad’s in charge” food, pizza. [ThinkGeek]

9-in-1 Emergency Tool Kit

Nothing says, “I have faith in you, Dad,” like a multi-tool designed to fight off a zombie horde. With this he can chop down a tree, bash in some brains, bury your neighbor, and then open one of the cans of chili you scavenged. [Amazon]

Iron Throne Replica

Treat your dad like the king he is and put this at the head of the dining table. Sure, you may have to mortgage your house to afford it, but think of all the sacrifices he’s made for you along the way. [Firebox]

Fitbit Flex

You love your dad, and you want him around for a long time. But look at what he’s been up to. Drinking, eating charred red meat and pizza, fighting zombies, and playing the game of thrones. None of those activities scream longevity. So get him a Fitbit to let him know you want him to stick around. Oh, and would it kill you to call him once in awhile? [Amazon]

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