Superheroes, ill-tempered characters, peacekeepers, and guardians of galaxies. Do these sound familiar? I bet they do.

Last year we finally got our dose of cosmic-based comic book movies with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy. However (and here I should probably capitalize every single letter in the word), it was extremely financially successful but was received by some with mixed feelings. I personally thought that the trailer gave away the most interesting scenes and moments of the movie, so at the end it wasn’t anything special but a simple reinforcement of what was depicted in the short videos. Yet director James Gunn seems to be positive enough and believes in the success of the Guardians’ story, as the second part is already confirmed for release in 2017.

But the point here is quite different. While watching the film, I kept thinking of something else that was very similar to the adaptation of the Marvel comic books, but I still couldn’t figure out what it was...until today. Farscape. That was it!

The science fiction TV series incorporates ideas and characters' profiles which are somehow reflected in the ones seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. The latter really shares some spectacular similarities with Farscape. For instance, we’ve got a human who inhabits a world of strange creatures. Then we have a heroine who is simultaneously attractive, strong, and independent. And we also got a small character who, despite his size, has collected the whole hostility and nastiness in the universe.  

Surprising or not, there are even more likenesses and parallels between Guardians of the Galaxy and Farscape. Here they are!

Source: Geeksaresexy

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