5 Things You Can Do That Old-School Super Mario Can’t

There are a lot of amazing things that Mario can do. He can jump extremely high, run really fast, and break stacks of bricks with his fist. The most impressive thing about him, though, is the fact that he can hold down a relationship with a princess on a plumber’s salary. He’s gotta be packing some serious heat under those overalls, and I’m not talking about fireballs… wow, that came out so wrong. Super strength and mustachioed studliness aside, if you take Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. NES game and place him in the real world, he’d have some serious physical limitations. 5 of those things he can’t do are explored in this amusing video from Warialasky. These are the same guys that brought us the Super Mario Bros. parkour video that went viral last year.

Thanks to Neatorama!

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