6 Details in THE LORD OF THE RINGS Movies You Might Have Missed

When I saw this video pop up over at Dorkly, I was 95% sure it was a parody video. After all, it's been over a decade since the last The Lord of the Rings film came out, they were all released in the internet age, and it's a property with an immense and dedicated fanbase. The combination of those things should mean that pretty much every detail about the film should be common knowledge to geeks by 2016, but I was shocked to discover that A) this video is actually serious, and B) there were indeed a few things in it that I never noticed before (like Aragorn rocking Boromir's bracers).

The only thing in here I take issue with is that I think Peter Jackson had to have seen Ralph Bakshi's animated LOTR before he started filming this trilogy. But that's a small nitpick in an otherwise solid video. Check it out:

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