7 Facts About THE DARK KNIGHT You Might Not Know

CineFix has released a video that focuses on Christopher Nolan's mind-blowing Batman film The Dark Knight. It points out seven facts about the movie that you may or may not know. There were a few things included that I actually didn't know, so it might be worth checking out. You might learn a few bits of great useless trivia that you can pull out of your conversation hat during an awkward moment of silence on a first date or something.

"You know the Dark Knight was one of the most complex superhero movies ever. But did you know these seven surprising behind-the-scenes factoids??

"These 7 facts will make you appreciate Christopher Nolan's vision, Heath Ledger's performance, and the hard work of everyone who worked on the Dark Knight all the more. Or at least you'll know some obscure trivia so you can out-geek your geeky friends."

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