8-Bit Video Game Parkour Run

Videos 8-BitParkour by Joey Paur

Redbull released a video featuring freerunner Jason Paul doing an awesome parkour run on  a classic 8-bit video game style set up. It also comes complete with 8-bit sound effects, which completes the viewing experience. Here's a description that was provided:

The Set-Up in which Jason Paul and Team Farang are performing their run is simply awesome. The scenery is built in the look and feel of a 2D video game and reminds of legendary arcade games. Jason Paul needs to find the way out of a Maya temple, has to fight Ninjas before he finds his way over sketchy roof tops to the spot of the big show down: The fight against the final opponent, the end boss. Game over! Winner: Jason Paul.

I'd love to do this kind of stuff, which is why I'm actually learning how to do it with the help of a friend of mine. I don't think I'll ever be as good as what you'll see in the video, but I'll still be able to do some cool stuff.

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