80 Screenshots From The STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer and Let's Talk About It!

Last night Lucasfilm released the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it completely blew fans away. I'm sure you've all seen it by now, but if you haven't... you're crazy, and you need to watch it now!

There is a ton of stuff going on in this trailer and there is so much to talk about! It was just such an awesomely intense trailer filled with a bunch of unexpected plot points! As you go through the screenshots, I've added a few bits of commentary to start a conversation.

This first series of shots shows Kylo Ren and the First Order are preparing for battle and preparing to once again take on the resistance. 

This is right where The Force Awakens ended and Rey will start her trining with Luke Skwalker. 

As Luke is training her he discovers that Rey is one hell of a powerful wielder of The Force. You can easily tell by the "Oh shit" look face on Luke's face in the image above. 

As the training continues Luke say that he's only seen this kind of raw strength only once before and that he wasn't scared of it then... but, that it scares him now. I assume he is talking about Kylo Ren.

Ok, what the hell is going on here!? Is Kylo Ren going to kill his mom now! What a freakin' asshole! Kylo says:

"Let the past die. Kill it... if you have to. That's the only way to become what you were meant to be."

Then he seemingly locks on target to what seems to be General Organa's ship. Now, this could just be clever trailer editing to throw fans off the scent of what really will happen in the story, but it certainly had fans like myself break into a sweat! I hope they don't kill off Leia! I would hate to see her killed by her own son. That would suck!

We've got some cool shots of some battle sequences here involving the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca flying around with a Porg. We also get to see Poe Dameron here piloting his new upgraded modified X-Wing. You can read about the details below:

“The X-Wing (an Incom-FreiTek T-70, to be precise) has, according to Rian Johnson, been specially modified by Resistance engineers, with a temporary accelerator pod affixed to the aft section. According to The Last Jedi director, the pod, when primed, increases Dameron’s speed, allowing him to outrun First Order cannon emplacements. It’s just a temporary boost and will burn out quickly but it’s enough to get beyond the barrage of turbo laser fire from First Order Star Destroyers such as the one depicted in the image.”

Here's a little tease of one of the most anticipated showdowns in the movie! Finn vs. Captain Phasma! It looks like it will be a fight worth waiting for! Will Finn kill her? Will she kill Finn!? Or, will it end in a draw? 

Luke says, "This is not going to go... the way you think!" and that certainly seems like the case with this story that will be told in The Last Jedi! There's so much going on with this trailer that I wasent expecting at all!

Here we've got Supreme Leader Snoke intensely telling Rey to fulfill her destiny while he is torturing her with The Force! This confirms that Snoke does know how to use the power of The Force. The most shocking part of the trailer is yet to come, though!

Here we see Rey telling Kylo Ren that she needs someone to show her her place in all this, and then he reaches his hand out to her! What!? Is she going to join Kylo Ren on his journey down the path of the Dark Side!? She can't! 

I was completely floored by this trailer and it was quite surprising in so many ways. There's a lot of information here to soak in and I can't wait to see how the story plays out when the movie is released on December 15th. 

Is there anything you want to talk about that you noticed in the trailer!? What are some of your opinions on what you saw?

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